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SBD Malaysia provides equipment manufactured exclusively in Great Britain, suited for both basic and novice strength training - with the knee sleeves, lever belts and wrist wraps being more sought after. 

Lever Belts

10mm belt

With a manufacturing process that combines top-notch technology and concise hand craftsmanship, English hide that has been prepared over 5 months is put together with a patent pending buckle to produce the 10mm or 13mm thick SBD belts, complete with a black oiled leather finish and luxurious red suede interior.

13mm belt

What stands out for the SBD belt is its smooth gliding lever action that allows you to easily make slight adjustments accordingly to fit your waist circumference. With up to 11 pairs of belt notches, you can easily adjust the belt tighter or looser by up to 15cm should there be any weight loss or gain.


What is the function of the belt?

Wearing a belt serves as a physical cue for you to learn how to fully engage your core during heavy exercises, therefore decreasing the load on your lower back. Having a well-engaged core increases intra-abdominal pressure in your stomach, which:

  • helps to reduce the strain on your back
  • provides more support to the other working muscles

This not only allows you to lift more weights, but also to do so in a safer manner.


How do I use the belt? Will it protect my back?

Imagine your torso as a Coca-Cola can. Inhale deeply to fill your belly full of air such that this '"can" fills up, thus pushing your entire core out against the whole circumference of the belt. Creating this abdominal pressure helps to increase your core and spine stability, so the rest of the muscles in your back do not strain themselves extra hard to get a certain weight up.

The lack of proper bracing within the torso puts your spine and back muscles under great amounts of exertion as they work to compensate your weak core. This is also why we hear people talking about soreness or pain in their lower back after a session of squats and deadlifts at the gym.

Image result for crush coke can gif

As opposed to an empty Coca-Cola can that crushes easily under pressure, which will you want your core to replicate?


When can I use the belt?

Be it squats or deadlifts, the SBD belt can be used during heavier or high repetition sets. Always keep in mind that putting on a belt does not mean an automatic addition of 50kg to your squat or deadlift, but instead, is meant for you to learn how to consistently engage your "Coca-Cola can" such that you can lift bigger, better, and safer.

If you are unsure of what size SBD belt fits you best, do not hesitate to drop by to our physical store within operating hours to try our sample pieces. Details of our store can be seen here.



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