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SBD Malaysia provides equipment manufactured exclusively in Great Britain, suited for both basic and novice strength training - with the knee sleeves, 10mm or 13mm lever belts and wrist wraps being more sought after.


 SBD Wrist Wraps

Specifically manufactured with proprietary elastic to achieve durability and longevity, the SBD wrist wraps measure 8cm wide, and are available in 3 lengths up to 1m. Featuring heavy duty left and right thumb loops along the main elastic body,  you can ensure there is an equal wrapping of both wrists for optimal support during your training.


The wrist wraps are available in two materials- flexible and stiff.
Both the flexible and stiff wrist wraps come with 3 different lengths - 40cm, 60cm, and 1 metre.


What is the difference between Flexible and Stiff wrist wraps?

Flexible wrist wraps feature a black border along its entire elastic body.

Flexible wrist wraps, as the name suggests, are designed for easy self-wrapping due to the stretch in its make-up. This variation also provides sufficient support while allowing slight flexion of the wrists, and hence can be used during daily training involving high repetitions, accessory exercises e.g. dumbbell presses, and competition. 

Flexible wrist wraps also allow you to wrap around the wrists slightly more, adding on to the support created.

Stiff wrist wraps are characterized by its less stretchy nature - this can be felt when you wrap them around your wrists. It is designed for maximal effort work , hence an excellent choice for powerlifting or weightlifting competition use when the weights attempted are often at a maximum.

Stiff Wrist Wraps are recommended for equipped benchers, or anyone looking for an extra level of support when performing exercises that bear weight upon their wrists.


What length wrist wraps should I be getting?

The longer the wrist wraps, the more you can wrap them around your wrists for greater support. Someone going to the gym to do mainly dumbbell accessory work may find 1m too long and a hassle to put on or take off after each set. On the hand, an athlete attempting maximal weight for his bench press will feel that the 40cm provides insufficient stability as less material goes around his wrist for support.

Ultimately, the ideal wrist wrap length for you is determined by the nature and intensity of your training, as well as individual preference.


How do the wrist wraps benefit me?  

Wrist wraps provide support to your wrists by:

  • preventing them from hyper-extending (bending too far backwards)
  • encouraging proper wrist placement under the bar 

With the 2 above points taken into consideration, you are able to better stabilize the weight placed upon your wrists while reducing any strain placed on your muscles and joints. Therefore, with your wrists supported in its state of flexion, you are able to perform more repetitions and also attempt heavier weights.


To have a feel of the different wrist wraps, feel free to drop by to our physical store within operating hours. Details of our store can been here.



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