Basic Strength Programme

Ushering in the new year, we often think fireworks, lots of partying with good food in the presence of loved ones... and resolutions. Resolutions can be easy to make - you jot them down on paper and stick it somewhere hard to miss, announce them on social media to keep yourself accountable... so many ways, right? The toughest part however, sometimes presents itself in the very first step of simply getting started!

One very common resolution we hear among people is that they want to lose weight, be it after an entire year of sedentary living coupled with a poor diet, or simply from all the Christmas and New Year binge eating. For those of you whose resolution specifically involves getting stronger and fitter, it probably requires picking up weight training at the gym. This is great, as the benefits of weight training are plenty! Apart from simply building muscles and looking good, these benefits include:

  • Increased rate of calories burned
    Lifting weights allow your muscles to grow, and these muscles burn energy more effectively at rest as compared to fats. The number of calories burned daily hence increases! 

  • Improved joint health and bone strength
    Load bearing exercises give your bones a chance to become stronger and denser, which is especially beneficial to older folks and women susceptible to osteoporosis. Joints are also supported by the surrounding stronger muscles, which enforces better technique and decreases risks of injury.

  • Improved cardiovascular capacity
    As you progress with training, think about increasing the weight you're lifting and also the number of repetitions per set. Doing both trains the endurance of your lungs and heart as the effort required to squat increases too.  

  • Greater confidence 
    Being strong has a really special way of making people feel good about themselves. Very naturally as your strength increases, you are better able to accomplish daily activities that would otherwise leave you feeling tired and sluggish. Your confidence is also boosted through achieving new personal records at the gym, serving as motivation for the subsequent sessions!

So where and how do you begin? You think about walking into a gym with squats, bench press, and deadlifts on your list of to-dos, but exactly how many sets and repetitions should you be doing for the workout to count as an effective one?

Basic Strength Programme 

This month, we are pleased to present a 3-part series that walks you through the basics of 3 common compound exercises:

- Squat

- Bench press

- Deadlift

Apart from a breakdown of how to execute the above exercises, included in each of these series is a very basic strength template suggested by Clinton Lee, SBD Apparel's sponsored athlete and multi-time World Championship medalist. These templates will be easy to follow, presented with clear instructions on:

- recommended weight you should be lifting

- number of sets and repetitions for that particular weight

- recommended number of times a week to train for the particular exercise.

The 3 part series will also feature the use of SBD products and how they help to provide support and minimize risks of injury when performing the above 3 compound movements. Continue to stay tuned to our blog posts as we kick off the first part next week!


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