New Trainer Socks, Improved Deadlift And Sports Socks!

Introducing our new Trainer Socks and improved Deadlift and Sports Socks!


The new SBD deadlift socks feature an increased lateral stretch in the calf, with a padded sole and elasticated foot and heel for comfort.

The tight-knit fabric minimises drag and the double-knitted front panel protects the shin during pulling movements. 


The updated range features the addition of SBD trainer socks, perfect for both training and day-to-day wear.


Knitted in the UK, each of our socks is a bespoke product designed with strength training in mind, from form to function.

Our socks feature a redesigned sole for greater traction within the shoe.

Designed in collaboration with world-class athletes and coaches.

Sizes range from S to 2XL. 

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