2019 Limited Edition - Eclipse

Every once or twice a year, SBD releases a collection of their products and apparel in a limited edition colourway. On the 29th of November this year, SBD launched the Eclipse range apparel in black and white, and also unveiled its new branding to the world. Through emphasis of the core principle on which the brand was founded: promoting and working with elite strength athletes to develop market leading products that are manufactured to the highest standards in the United Kingdom, we are presented with the creation of a fresh SBD logo and addition of new products into the current collection.

The new SBD logo

What is new in the Eclipse range?

The first of SBD's developments presents in the Eclipse range: its Powerlifting Singlet. Fully constructed from a new ultra-heavyweight double jersey fabric knitted in the United Kingdom, this singlet offers maximum compression while still being approved as a non-supportive garment for Classic Powerlifting. Combining Meryl® and Lycra® fibers in the manufacturing process also ensures the singlet stays soft and breathable, yet provides durability.

Left: Singlet (front) , Right: Singlet (back)

A new feature of this Powerlifting Singlet is its availability in a Women's fit, complete with a shorter torso, tapered waist, and larger leg opening with a wider, non-elasticated hem. The Men’s fit remains similar to that of the classic SBD singlet. 

Left: Singlet (women's fit) , Right: Non-elasticated hem


Apart from the release of the SBD Logo T-shirt in black and white Eclipse colours, SBD also introduces the Slogan T-shirt featuring a “Strength, Belief, Determination” print across the chest and SBD logo on both sleeves. Similar to the past and regular edition T-shirts, these come in both Men's and Women's fit.

Left: Logo T-shirt, Right: Slogan T-shirt


The rest of the products in this Eclipse range include: knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, stiff and flexible wrist wraps,deadlift and sport socks - all of which feature the black and white colourway in addition to the new SBD logo. 

Left: Knee Sleeve, Right: Elbow Sleeve

Left: Flexible Wrist Wraps,  Right: Stiff Wrist Wraps

Left: Deadlift Socks,  Right: Sport Socks

Can I still get my hands on the Eclipse range apparel?

There are currently no available stocks for the Eclipse range apparel. SBD Singapore opened 2 pre-orders for the Eclipse range in the first week of December, both of which have since closed. Any restock of the Eclipse products is highly dependent on their availability in the United Kingdom as this is a limited edition. However, the newly designed Powerlifting Singlet is set to be a regular stock item come 2020, but in the traditional black and red colours.

SBD athlete Clinton's review on the newly designed powerlifting singlet:

"Despite the new powerlifting singlet being manufactured with another material, it does not feel too heavy or restrictive all around. In fact, the double jersey fabric feels snug, and provides more compression throughout my lifts. The singlet's fit remains like the previous editions, hence providing the same comfort as my old singlets. The other equipment, such as the knee sleeves and flexible wrist wraps, continue to give me quality support, ensuring that I am able to carry out my training with full security and confidence!”

Here's wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas! We look forward to bringing more informative and interesting posts for everyone in the coming year :D
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